Jason Thomas


Opened in 1995, the iconic Arad Evans Inn offers a bistro and fine dining experience with a focus on farm-to-table and seasonal fare. Housed in a Federalist style former farmhouse, Arad Evans Inn is a feature of historic Fayetteville, New York and was built in the late 19th century. Over 200 years ago the house was built by Arad Evans as a dairy farm complete with a few hundred acres of land. For almost all of this time the property stayed in the Evans and Estabrook families.


We acquired the property in 1993 and began a two year process of renovation. The process was arduous including financing, zoning and a 9-month construction that addressed many unforeseen challenges. By 1995 the once rundown farmhouse transformed into the stately Arad Evans Inn and over the last twenty-two years has offered a monthly changing menu of seasonal and local cuisine.


Growing up, my family owned and operated Fayetteville’s The Wellington House. I started my culinary career like many others--washing dishes at age twelve before holding just about every other food service job imaginable. I learned the restaurant business from the ground up so when the property appeared on the market and an opportunity arose, I knew I had to seize it. Looking back on over twenty years and delighting so many loyal, long term customers, I’m thrilled to continue our mission for many years to come.


Today Arad Evans Inn is a purpose driven and dynamic eatery with an exceptional wine program and an eye on the future. At Arad Evans farm-to-table isn’t just another cool trend, but an ethos we’ve practiced for over twenty years. We’ve just never pointed it out because it's simply our belief that food is best uncomplicated, seasonal, and refined.


At Arad Evans we present sophistication without pretension, exceptional cuisine minus the surfeit and consistent quality paired with constant flux. An experience with us is about enjoying the essence of fine seasonal fare in a warm and inviting space. Our staff is knowledgeable and professional yet friendly and personable. We truly take pride in making each guest feel at home. We hope you’ll come visit us soon.